Carnage is the main villain in ~V.3~ and has been as of The Venom Chronicles. As of ~V.3~, he is more of an ally due to him and the other symbiotes in the same predicament.







Shades of red, black






Symbiote weapons


The Interwebz


Venom (father), Dona (sister), Massacre (nephew), Toxin (son), Hybrid (brother)






Carnage is Venom's son, but Venom did not know of this until Carnage had tried to take over The Venom Chronicles. Carnage had been the main villain since, trying to defeat Venom with everything he had, such as the first two Anti-Duke's. Carnage of course failed, and left the comics alone. The series was then attacked by a evil force, the majority of it noobs, and they trashed the studio and the characters. Venom, Carnage, and Dona were the first members of the comics that were reunited.

Return to Comics

Carnage saw the return to comics as a new start, and therefore he tried to take them over again. Venom had prepared this time and ordered things to take down Carnage, such as his attack android BLU3. Carnage had also prepared with plans, such as the Anti-Duke III. Most of the time Carnage was acting like Venom's friend. Venom did not accept this, though, but Qwerty had other intentions. When Qwerty put away Venom, Carnage came up with his greatest plan yet: he injected the Lite Virus into the put-away symbiote, destroying his friend ruse. He then morphed his symbiote to appear as a red and black version of Venom's inspiration Vahkoro. Vahk-Carnage then told Qwerty he was getting the comics shut down because they were ripping off his series. Qwerty donned Venom again (this time appearing with Qwerty's eyepiece and some minor adjustments to the armor) and went after Vahk-Carnage, unaware of the disguise. He told JediBot to tell Carnage to rebuild the Anti-Duke, while Venom would handle Vahkoro. Vahk-Carnage ran off so his disguise wouldn't be revealed, and morphed back into Carnage to receive Jed's news. Venom faces the real Vahkoro in the field outside the studio when Jed alerts Venom that Vahk was framed by Carnage, as Carnage uses the Anti-Duke to destroy Venom. A mysterious white symbiote suddenly destroys the Anti-Duke and presumably kills Carnage.

Another New Start

Carnage was found out to be alive in the former E.N.C.A headquarters, planning his vengeance on Venom. He finally got it, but Venom's new co-author, Meraceire came out of nowhere with his symbiote Predator and defeated Carnage. Venom then fed on him and showed Predator what happens when you feed on people. Carnage kept on trying to kill Venom from then on to get his comics, but truthfully he was waiting for his plan from season one to kick in, which it did on January 1st, 2009. The Lite Virus he injected in Venom's symbiote transformed Venom into a monstrous homocidal maniac, killing a hobo and many more. Hybrid forced the answers out of Carnage, as did Destruction. Venom regained sanity of his symbiote after coming back and defeating Carnage by directing the Lite Virus toward Carnage.

Saving the Comic Land

Carnage then turned out to be a friend when his home was invaded by Cataclysm, helping Venom out to the extent in which his armor was upgrade for stealth, speed, and durability. Carnage, Acid, and Spider-Man moved all the citizens out of the Comic Land, and then into survival pods. Carnage and Acid entered their own and waited for Venom and Destruction to come back. Venom was the only one to come back, as he told Carnage Destruction didn't make it. Carnage and Venom then blacked out as the nuke Venom launched wiped out the Comic Land.


Carnage and Dona woke up before Venom did, therefore they got acquianted to the nuked Comic Land before Venom did. They met up with Acid and Anti-Venom and went on their ways. With all the symbiotes in tow, they found out Xenophage had plagued the area, looking for Venom and Co. The remaining citizens of the Comic Land then revolted against Venom and his friends, nevertheless that Venom saved them all. Hapori Tohu then appeared, and not surprisingly was on the remaining citizen's side of the battle. Tohu banished Carnage and Co. to The Interwebz, where the being Google greated them. The group then stumbled upon the abandoned background of the original ~V~ upon walking around, which could possibly mean "The Interwebz" is actually the Secret Realm.

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