Qwerty is Venom's host in ~V.3~.

Qwerty was just an ordinary Matoran that was pink and formerly wore a Kanohi Akaku. But everything changed when the Venom Symbiote bonded with him. A short while after, Venom started ~V~. Sometime later, Dona became pregnant. Qwerty grew paranoid about the event, but Venom convinced him to bond until the baby was born. After Massacre, the new baby, was born, Qwerty put the Venom Symbiote in statis lock, currently playing Bionicle Heroes on the Wii.

During the Finale era, Qwerty is often replaced by stunt doubles. In Comic 99, Qwerty is threatened by Vahkoro that ~V~ will close down. Qwerty develops a plan and puts back on the Venom symbiote, however looking different. This new Venom had spikes on his shoulders, dark teal marks all over him, and the eyepiece Qwerty has. The end of Part 1 of the Season Finale shows Venom and Vahkoro facing off with Hapori Tohu saying he must alert Qwerty that Vahkoro is a fake.

He hasn't been seen in ~V.2~ since, although when Venom is battle damaged, there are rips in the symbiote that reveal some of Qwerty.

In the season finale, Qwerty has to take off the symbiote to be adjusted to defeat Cataclysm. He has only been seen when Venom was battle damaged.

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