The Venom Chronicles are the comics made before ~V~ by Venom.

The Venom Chronicles were originally called Venom's Comics with 3 symbiotes: Venom, Carnage, and Dona. These were Venom's first attempt at comics. They were in Razor.

After the first topic died, Venom, now called ::Hyper Venom::, made a new series, Venom's Comics 2.0, continuing from where he left off in Venom's Comics. He did make it pretty far, but not far enough. Here was when he changed his shade from light blue to a deep purple.


Lord Venom and his symbiotes from "The Venom Chronicles"

Venom's Comics 2.0 were closed of revival, so ::Hyper Venom::, again changed his name to Lord Venom: Symbiote King continued from Venom's Comics 2.0 as The Venom Chronicles 3.0, ending with Comic 100, the end of the 6th season, showing the cast of them. The 7th season started with a threat called the Cyber Shadow and their minion noobs, but this was cut short. This was in Rayg 2.5. There is a time between this and ~V~, where Venom abandons Eddie Brock, his host, and finds Qwerty after the studio had been destroyed.

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