Venom is the main character of ~V.3~ and has been since The Venom Chronicles.

Venom nuke
Qwerty as Venom.






Dark blue, white, light green




Comic maker


Mini Moose Nuke




Carnage (son), Dona (daughter), Massacre (grandson), Toxin (grandson), Hybrid (son)






Venom's original host was Eddie Brock and was a light shade of blue. He had occasionally beaten up Carnage because of the evil deeds he had done, and finally got a girlfriend in Comic 17, Venom's Clone, whom was a female clone Dona made from Venom's symbiote. From then on, he evolved into a shade of purple. But as the series progressed, Eddie and Venom drew apart, but Venom refused to leave Eddie. When his studio was ravaged and destroyed, Venom decided that Eddie wasn't a good host after all, finally leaving Brock to look for a new host, thus finding Qwerty.

Return to Comics

The series went well, as the new Venom went looking for old members, such as Carnage and Dona. Venom went through many stages at this point, his most popular being when he was a DJ. Qwerty started having doubts as Venom's host, but Venom wouldn't allow it, as he kept on convincing Qwerty not to leave him. But as the comics got more popular, and Dona finally having her baby, Qwerty put away Venom, which JediBot had stolen to become Thanox. Even though later putting Venom back, Thanox donned another symbiote. When Vahkoro (actually Carnage) shuts down the comics, Qwerty dons Venom again, but this time, the symbiote adjusted to Qwerty's different appearance, giving him a bulkier appearance, along with an eyepiece. Fighting Vahkoro, (who actually runs away) he tells Jed to get Carnate to rebuild the Anti-Duke. Venom confronts the real Vahkoro in the studio yard, but then he finds out from Jed that Vahkoro was set up by Carnage, who then appears with the Anti-Duke. Carnage is about to kill Vahk, Venom, and JediBot, when a mysterious white symbiote comes in a flash of light and destroys the Anti-Duke, presumably killing Carnage. After explaining the situation to Patricia, the white symbiote appears again, telling Venom that he is his son from the future, Destruction.

Another Start

Venom restarted the comics with a new season, ~V.2~, and introduced Massacre as a new character, finally having an adult host. Venom then gets his brother Muertos to the studio, whom tells Venom that a group of symbiotes and their leader is coming for him. The gang finally appears for Muertos, but Venom defeats them no problem. It's then revealed that the attack was planned by Carnage.

Carnage had a plan starting in 2008 that had finally taken effect on New Year's Day. Carnage had tainted Venom's symbiote when he put it away with a virus known as the Lite-Virus. This causes Venom to go Twilight, a condition in which a symbiote loses full mental and physical control until the energy is wasted. A problem with Venom, though, is that his symbiote is so strong that the Lite-Virus needed to be in the suit a little more than normal, making the Twilight condition worse, as a symbiote is only supposed to go Twilight once. Venom goes Twilight for a week or so, attacking and killing anything he sees move or make a sound. Hapori Tohu then jails Venom, who escapes and returns to the studio. Carnage reveals to Hybrid that he tainted Venom's suit, and Venom comes in and directs the Lite-Virus towards Carnage, defeating him.

Venom ran into Eddie Brock again after Carnage and Acid had knocked him unconsious. Eddie stole a bit of the symbiote, redonning his title as Venom. Qwerty-Venom tracks down Eddie-Venom and they get in a brawl, Eddie-Venom gaining the upper hand. Qwerty-Venom then uses his remaining power to summon the remaining Lite-Virus in his symbiote, defeating Eddie-Venom. Patricia and Co. then awaken a now normal Qwerty-Venom, telling him that Eddie is gone. Venom states that villains are never gone, that they're still out there.

Saving the Comic Land

Venom had been blown up, bruised, torn, and injured severly in the time between Venom .vs. Venom and the Season Finale. In the Season Finale, the "day he will come" that Destruction has been talking about happens. A symbiote "beanstalk" appears in the middle of the studio and him and Destruction climb it, only to find the Comic Land destroyed and demolished by other beanstalk-esq symbiote objects like the one in the ~V.2~ studio. Venom meets up with Gavla and Khols only to be grabbed by the symbiote-beanstalks combining, making a giant symbiote named Cataclysm and thrown out of the Comic Land after being told to leave Cataclysm's sight. Venom lands in front of his demolished studio and hears Patricia scream. As he goes to her, he finds out she is a Cataclysm spy and plans to kill Venom, but instead is defeated by Carnage, Destruction, and Doppelganger. Venom is sad his love was all a lie, but goes on with to defeating Cataclysm as Doppelganger leaves to find the others. In a emergency hideout located under the V.2 studio, they find JediBot and find out most of the Comic Land has been destroyed. Venom knows who might be able to help, that being Acid and Eddie, Venom's former host. Eddie refuses to help Venom at first to protect the Comic Land, but Ann Weying, the original Female Venom, comes to convince Eddie to help. Eddie agrees, but asks not to be called Eddie anymore. He asks to be called Anti-Venom as he transforms into the being. Venom gives JediBot the symbiote as he learns that an operation is about to happen and Qwerty cannot have the symbiote. Toxin and Mini Moose come and the operation is started. (This results in Qwerty's eyepiece being removed.) The new adjustments give Qwerty the ability to use Mini Moose as a nuke/gun and, with the symbiote, a jetpack.

Venom, Destruction, and Carnage charge into battle against Cataclysm. Venom is once again grabbed by Cataclysm and thrown into the ground. Venom wakes up, only to figure out his life was a lie and all his friends were Cataclysm spies. As he's about to take them all on, he wakes up, finding out it was all a dream. There he flies up at Cataclysm's mouth and fires a nuke as Cataclysm explodes. Destruction puts Carnage and Venom into survival pods, but sacrifices himself to do so. It's revealed Destruction is Qwerty from the future. Destruction fades into dust as he lets Venom know his mission, in which was to destroy Cataclysm, was complete. as Venom tells Carnage to wake him when he needs him.


Venom is the last to wake from survival in the wake of ~V.3~. Very happily he finds all his friends still alive. They go out to find the citizens of the Comic Land, in which Hybrid loses Lasher to Eljay. They find out that the Xenophage, creatures who feed on symbiotes, have invaded the Comic Land and ambush the symbiotes. They finally find the remaining citizens, who aren't too happy with Venom and Co. They start war against him and his companions, (not even letting Spider-Man bypass) and Hapori Tohu appears. Hapori Tohu says to end the war, and then sides with the citizens. He banishes Venom and the gang to The Interwebz, where they are greeted by Google. They go out to investigate when they find the old background to the original ~V~. Venom and the gang travel The Interwebz, possibly from the help of Google, and stumble upon the city of Babylon. They meet Trew who sells them a brand new studio, with the others happy as is.

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