~V.3~ is the main comic series of this Wiki.

~V~ was founded by DJ Venom™ on January 28th, 2008. It is one of the biggest comic series to date with pages, nearly topping -Heroes 3.0-. Sadly, it does not top Gavla and Co. Comic's 3.0 due to it having over 200 pages, ahead of Dark709's Comics 3: Rise of Hapori Dume which has 75. Qwerty at the beginning of the comics was known as Venom, the main author, who was a black symbiote with two other symbiotes named Carnage and Dona. As more people found out this was by Venom, more people PGS'd, such as Lewa Nuva, Thanox, and FireEmblem. During the comics, Venom does change his black color scheme to a bluish-purplish color and wears a backwards light blue hat, the sign of the DJ. He is known to pop random turntables out in the comics.

Venom is gone when Tom Cruise and Dona's baby are born, as a mysterious figure says he vows not to wear Venom ever again after the newborn has arrived. Venom is put in statis lock and the mystery figure is revealed to be Qwerty, but in the end, Qwerty wears Venom to defeat Vahkoro, who is actually Carnage, and decides to keep him for a while.

Venom has encountered 3 problems in the second season: the Twilight, Anti-Venom, and Cataclysm. The Cataclysm event was 10 comics long, ending off V.2. The season ends with Venom and Carnage put into survival pods and Destruction (who is actually Qwerty from the future) dies.

V.3 picks up where V.2 ended, Venom awakening from the pod, Carnage already gone. He finds Dona and Carnage in the nuked territory from the battle with Cataclysm. They find out creatures called the Xenophage have invaded and the whole Comic Land, familiar with the species, knows that Xenophage hunger for symbiotes. Even Spider-Man is denied as a non-symbiote as he was an acquaintance and the remaining citizens of the Comic Land fight with the Symbiotes. Hapori Tohu then appears and banishes Venom and the gang to the Interwebz, where a mysterious being plans their downfall with multicolored Xenophage. The comics start taking a more comedic turn when the gang clashes with Internet memes.

As of August 5th, ~V.3~ has 220 comics.

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